So, What Are We Up To...….

During the 'lock down' period the Committee members have been busy. Those of you who pass by the Hall may have noticed that work has been underway to tidy up the exterior of the building and carry out some key maintenance. Gates have been repaired, fences painted, verges cut, the entrance redecorated and much of the rubbish cleared from the site. This work will continue, as the volunteers time permits. There is still much to do, even before we turn our attention to the interior. 


The interior of the premises have been redecorated and new chairs and curtains have been purchased to replace the old ones. All starting to look really smart

Website Design….

Reading this you will appreciate that we now have a Website, which we hopewill inform the public of the facilities, activities and availability of the Hall. The site is still very much 'work in progress' with additional developments to follow. We would appreciate your feedback. 

Updating Facebook.....

Contact details have been updated on the Facebook page. It is our intention to use this page to share information on the hall activities with our followers. We will also, of course be updating this website. 

Booking Process Re-defined...

In order to streamline administration we have changed the booking process, redesigning the form, making the booking forms available on line and opening additional lines of communication to the team to speed response.   

A friendly welcome awaits you in historic Watford Village

 Charity Number: 1042665

Hi Speed Broadband Now Installed....


Continuing the upgrade of the Village Hall free broadband and wi-fi access

is available to all visitors. The facilty will support web access, email and all

streaming activities. 

Improved Heating ....


In line with our ongoing commitment to our Environmental Policy, we have invested in a new super efficient boiler and programable control system, allowing us much more flexibility and reducing our oil usage by an estimated 20% We have also ensured that the facility is adequately insulated . 

Car Park Resurfacing ...


After a great deal of delay we have at last managed to have the car park redressed, the drainage reinstated and the borders edged. This provides a much nicer surface for all visitors to the facility, especially in wet weather as we have far fewer puddles.  

Stage Extension ...


Whilst the hall has always had a  useful stage area, it was a little small, particularly if the hirers or event called for groups to appear. We recently undertook an extension to the stage, increasing it by around 30%.


The extension has had little impact on the capacity of the hall itself but has given us much more flexibility when considering entertainment or offering the facility to hirers.